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Expert Baja & Desert Pit Services

MAG 7 is a brotherhood of racers and pit crews who enjoy Baja, desert racing, and in true Baja spirit formed a group to support each other when south of the border.

The original "Magnificent 7" started with the Baja 1000 in 1967, and has grown to include dozens of racers and veteran pit captains, with hundreds of support personnel.

MAG 7 operates pits every 50-60 miles at all SCORE and NORRA, Baja races. If you race Baja, you know the pits are well-marked, and everyone wears the classic MAG 7 orange shirts so you can count on being able to find us! We arrange for, haul and deliver your fuel, spare parts and wheels.


"Finally getting around to publicly thanking Mag 7 for exceptional service at the 500. My nephew apparently overheated the 99A DS 650 somewhere after Borrego. A bike racer stopped to check on him, then stopped at the next Mag 7 pit and let them know he was stopped. Someone came out from the pit on a bike, met him on the course (he was moving again) and followed him to the pit. There they checked over the quad and made sure my nephew was OK (it was godawful hot out there) before they sent him back out. This was way above and beyond what I would have expected from a pit service. Just wanted to put the info out there to help anyone trying to decide which service to use at the 1000."
- Rusty Batza

We are also looking for fun people who share our interest in desert and off road racing and would like to get involved with our pit crews. Have you ever wanted to travel deep into Baja for the SCORE or NORRA races, but were a little leery of going it alone?

As of 2014, SCORE has raced Baja for 45 years. We have supported those SCORE racers for 41 years. We support from 5-6 races each year in Baja . If you share our interest in off road racing and want to help out a little, or a lot, then JOIN US! If you feel you don't have the background or knowledge, but would enjoy the experience and meeting new friends, WE WILL TEACH YOU! Get in touch with us through our Contact Us page and we'll answer all of your questions and let you know just how much fun we have!


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